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Fine Artist | Music Producer


Sean Gray is a Fine Artist, Music Producer based in Denver.

I am a Meta-Futurist, narrative artist. I graduated from Cornell College with a Degree in Art, and European Intellectual History and minor in Ethnic Studies. My education was forged on the fault lines between European Intellectual History and Multicultural Studies.  My work reflects a curious understanding between a pre-modern sensibility (natural law philosophy in History), with a worldview of objective truth; and a postmodern sensibility based on relativism. My understanding in many ways reflects the current evolving cultural sensibility of Meta-Modernism


I investigate trends, myth, ideology and naturalized semiotic codes in American culture: through a futurist lens. The theme encompasses futuristic imaginings, fanciful modern myths, and potential global catastrophes. I tell stories of truth and tragedy. I create works that shout up to the heavens for answers. I examine the human condition, and how that condition fosters a Metamodern landscape: influenced by choice, acted upon by belief, ignorance, and sometimes evil. Yet, joy somehow finds its way to the fore in small enticing ways. The result is a body of work that embraces beauty and also delves into isolation, pain, joy and other conditions that effect the human psyche.


Future world is a place tied to our reality. It is a world of rebuilding. A place of future trends colliding with a creative landscape that is Artist Sean Gray’s mind. A world where culture is reimagined, pain uncovered, and exuberance and fun realized.

My work is guided by a pragmatic idealism which helps me look at issues and subject matter for my work in new and different ways. I embrace the provisional use of grand narratives – global or cultural in new and different ways. I embrace the provisional use of grand narratives – global or cultural narratives that explain knowledge and experience – as a mechanism to guide me and use these narratives to tell stories.   Humanity is a species which relies on our stories. We tell stories constantly.  Whether they are stories of everyday life, issues in society, or personal expressions, stories are our touchstones to  

dreaming of a world to come and then making that dream come true. I believe moving toward informed grand narrative is important in telling stories that are important to our culture. 


For me that is what art is meant to do

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