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Fine Artist | Music Producer

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Sean Gray


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Coming Soon

Future World

Future World is a visionary multimedia project by Sean Gray, an accomplished oil painter, collage artist, and music producer. This project aims to engage the public in critical discussions on themes such as the preservation of democracy...

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Sean (A.K.A) MetaGray creates sound collages for his gallery work as well as creates instrumental, lyrical music and themes for other artists.

Sound Artist & Music Producer

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Past Lives
Collection of selected works


Sean Gray's latest exhibition, "Echoes of Tomorrow," serves as a prelude to his anticipated "Future World" gallery show. This collection delves into the interplay between past, present, and future, exploring how historical narratives shape our visions of tomorrow. Through a series of detailed oil paintings and digital art pieces, Gray juxtaposes elements of classical art with futuristic motifs, creating a dialogue between tradition and innovation. Each piece invites viewers to reflect on the cyclical nature of history and the potential paths humanity might tread. "Echoes of Tomorrow" not only showcases Gray's signature blend of realism and abstraction but also sets the stage for the deeper societal and political explorations that "Future World" promises to unfold.

Printing Service

Colorline Studios Print Shop: Early works

Colorline Studios holds a special place in his heart as his inaugural studio, where I embarked on his artistic journey and continue to contribute works. During his college years, he found himself drawn to the art of collage, inspired by luminaries like Romare Bearden, Matisse, and Robert Rauschenberg. He immersed myself in this medium, weaving tales of everyday life through intricate compositions. Additionally, his fascination with oil painting was ignited by the works of masters such as John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, and Anders Zorn, each canvas becoming a narrative of its own. Through the link below,  you are invited to explore his print shop, where these pieces of humanity's story are preserved, capturing the essence of moments long past.  

Film Set

Sync Music

From Sean's perspective, crafting sync music for TV, movies, and videos offers a unique and exhilarating creative outlet. The joy comes from the challenge of weaving emotions into melodies that must align perfectly with visual moments, amplifying the storytelling power of the scene. Whether it's the tense buildup in a thriller or a heartfelt moment in a drama, the music adds a layer of depth that engages audiences on a deeper emotional level. There's a profound sense of fulfillment when composers see their music become an integral part of a narrative, knowing that their work helps shape the viewer's experience and memory of a story.

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