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Future World

Inflection Points

Preamble Corporatism SpeechSean Gray
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Corporatism Speech (2086)

ENclave Living

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Enclaves are one or more corporate states that are semi-autonomous in the sense that they are only a part of the federal government to the extent that they oversee the joint sectors of the US economy and military. The majority of enclaves began constructing walls and some even biodomes in 2078 to shield their residents from the harsher environment. In any of the numerous enclaves across the nation, only the finest and brightest in their industry are permitted to reside.


2nd Civil War (2073) 

The regions of the nation that are not a part of an Enclave are known as the Outlands. The enclave census was started in 2074 by the majority Corporatist party and was to be analyzed by the Leviticus Algarithem. The value of a person's connections and abilities to the economy were used as a means test during the census. When the census results were made public in 2076, the Great Purge got under way. All unqualified citizens had their homes seized and were made to leave the enclave boundaries. They could, however, bring their personal belongings with them.


Outlands [Flash Poetry]

The impertinent toys build mile high walls, “riffraff” must stay in the outlands.  Makeshift sideshow stalls, struggle hard, churning the acid full of souls. This former land of the free owes existence to scraps, sleeping rough, and survival of the fittest.  The tent farers, the wimble huts, and the firm structure dwellers must stay strong and live by the tattered constitutional code.


Health an invisible commodity, children with rickets, palsy conflicted husks, while pellagra’s rash thrashing adults with no nutrients in sight.  The wall locks them from society, wild west anew.  Hope in the form of laborers auctions held by financial elite is the golden ticket into the cities labor quarters within the wall beyond. 


Living in lies, always in vain, poisonous people manufactured of circumstance all around.  Many, blame the Master first and last, others the world wide intellect, yet most self-blame.  Moralities cost is their meek survival. 

Sean Gray

I am a Meta-Futurist, narrative artist. I graduated from Cornell College with a Degree in Art, and European Intellectual History and minor in Ethnic Studies. My education was forged on the fault lines between European Intellectual History and Multicultural Studies.  My work reflects a curious understanding between a pre-modern sensibility (natural law philosophy in History), with a worldview of objective truth; and a postmodern sensibility based on relativism. My understanding... 

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