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The Outlands

The regions of the nation that are not a part of an Enclave are known as the Outlands. The enclave census was started in 2084 by the majority Corporatist party and was to be analyzed by the Leviticus Algorithm. The value of a person's connections and abilities to the economy were used as a means test during the census. When the census results were made public in 2086, the Great Purge got under way. All unqualified citizens had their homes seized and were made to leave the enclave boundaries. They could, however, bring their personal belongings with them.


The outlands are distinguished by severe living conditions, scarce access to clean water, high crime rates, and pervasive poverty. It also has little resources. The Outlands' social structure is hierarchical and separated into levels, with the rich and powerful at the top and the poorest and most disadvantaged at the bottom. 

A harsh administration that is in charge of upholding social order and implementing laws loosely governs the Outlands' populace. The  Enclave uses its protection forces to keep the outland populace under control. As a result, there is a high level of fear and distrust is embeded in outland society, and people tend to look out for themselves rather than cooperate. 

Despite their harsh living conditions, the inhabitants of the Outlands have managed to foster a sense of neighborhood and solidarity, particularly among those who have a common religious or cultural affiliation. The struggle for resources, however, frequently strain these relationships. 

There is a thriving black market in the Outlands where people can purchase and sell items and services that are not offered through authorized channels. Many people in the Outlands depend on this underground economy to survive, but it is perilous because it is prohibited and subject to harsh government penalties. 

Overall, the Outlands culture is complicated and difficult where the search of a better life and the struggle for existence is the prime motivator. Despite the challenges, the inhabitants of the Outlands have managed to forge a sense of belonging and solidarity, which offers a ray of hope in a desolate environment. 

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